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SCL Water

28 - Feb - 2013

We are a Devon based company which deals with water treatment services for both domestic and industrial clients...

Private Water Supplies

Private Water Supplies

We provide a maintenance and installation service for the treatment of ground springs, wells, and boreholes.

Services include filtration, pH correction, iron & manganese reduction, nitrate reduction, water softening and reverse osmosis. Clients include farms, domestic customers with a private water supply, commercial, and industrial clients. We have also worked with local authorities. Areas covered include Devon, and parts of Somerset & Cornwall. Our services include:

  • Water Treatment Installation
  • Maintenance and Servicing
  • Water Filtration
  • Boreholes
  • PH Correction
  • Acid Neutralisation
  • Springs and Wells
  • Water Analysis
  • Iron and Manganese Reduction
  • Nitrate Reduction


Many Private water supplies have elevated levels of iron and manganese which require treatment for use as potable (drinking) water and also to remove the problem of discoloration in sanitary ware and laundry (especially whites).

High levels of Iron and manganese are usually combined with a low pH. All three can be treated with a single system.

Low pH (i.e. less than pH7) in water does not usually render it undrinkable but it does have a corrosive affect on copper & iron pipework including copper hot water cylinders. The acid can also raise the level of dissolved copper in the drinking water to unacceptable levels.

Most private water supplies will require disinfection. Normally this would involve using Ultra Violet light but other solutions may be considered.

Private Water Supply
Private Water Supply
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